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Name:Ms. Jessica [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
Skype: eko.prasetyo1274
WhatsApp: 087878871274 087878871274
LINE: 087878871274 087878871274
Mobile Number:+62 87878871274
Phone Number:+62 87878871274
Address:Apartment City Walk, Jl. KH Mas Mansyur. Kav. 71
Jakarta Pusat 10220, Jakarta
Sales Distributor Resmi alat TELEKOMUNIKASI SATELIT. Telepon Satelit, Terminal Satelit, BGAN Explorer, Iridium, IsatPhone Pro, Thuraya, Inmarsat, Thrane & Thrane, Cobham. Simcard Perdana Isi Pulsa Telepon Satelit & Terminal Satelit BGAN Explorer
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Registration Date:Nov. 03, 2010
Last Updated:Jul. 06, 2015
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Telecommunications category

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SATCOMNET MULTIARTHA is an expertise in hardware & software equipment for Satellite Communications services. There are three things that we have always been, and will always be, more important than anything else for us.

Trust, Competitive and Service. These values are in fact more than corporate mission. It' s symbolize every aspect of our firm and the way we do business. Base on our experience we have ensured quality and enhanced performance; giving customers a competitive edge in marketplace. Our strengths lies in the powerful synergy of our people, our solutions, our technology and our commitment to be the best.

SATCOMNET is a company selling the equipment distributor & Satellite Communications. We provide a wide range of Satellite Communications equipment devices, namely: Phone Satellite ( various brands) , Satellite Terminal ( BGAN Explorer) , Accessories & Spare parts Satellite ( all providers TelSat) , Application Software, and Accessories Satellite Communications, with full support from one place shopping needs.

For Satellite Phone Products:
Iridium 9555, 9575, InsatPhone Pro, IsatPhone2 by Inmarsat, Thuraya XT, SatSleve.

For Satellite Terminal Product:
Nera Worldpro 1000, Wideye SABRE 1, Hughes HNS 9201, BGAN Explorer 300, Explorer 500 BGAN, BGAN Explorer 700, VSAT, etc.

Brands & Provider:
Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya, Cobham, etc.

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